Notorious [Blu-ray]

I am not a huge fan of rap.  I’m white, I live in the suburbs, I listen to public radio – all of these things make it less likely that I get down to the latest Akon track.  Yet I love Jay-Z, mainly because he’s married to Beyonce and his songs are fantastic, and I also enjoy some of the rap remixes (the best examples of this would be Jaydiohead, The Grey Album and Illinoize).  But whether you listen to it or not, who doesn’t know about some of the tragic stories which under gird the rap rivalries.  Even if you don’t know them yet, you can learn about them now and they’re available in a whole new format right now!

Starting this April 21st, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the consummate film for gangsters and all those who remember when hip-hop became king.  Notorious – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come blasting out of your television screen and transport to you a world of rap battles, back when the true rulers of the genre were at the top of their games.  Bring home this fascinating and deeply moving film today!

Christopher Wallace was nothing but a fat kid from Brooklyn who could make some rhymes.  But once he decides to stop being a hustler and actually try to make something of his life, stuff gets real.  He has to be a father and provide for his family and he will need all of his natural born talent and determination to make it to the top of the rap game.  He takes the name Biggie Smalls and rises quickly, until he’s the king and he’s none other than the Notorious B.I.G.  Then friends turn to enemies and things fall apart and this moving and compelling drama comes to a horribly sad ending.  This movie stars Angela Bassett, Jamal Woolard, Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie and Naturi Naughton, was directed by George Tillman, Jr. and was produced by Biggie’s mother, his former manager and Sean “Puffy” Combs.

The special features included in this Blu-ray are a bonus digital copy of the film, both the theatrical and unrated director’s cuts of the movies, an optional audio commentary from the director and screenwriters, another optional audio commentary from Biggie’s mother and his two managers, a look behind the scenes at the making of this movie, a featurette about Biggie’s lyrics, a great look at casting the movie, a look at making the actor into Biggie, a featurette about his great performances of the past, some never before seen footage of the Notorious B.I.G., a great look at some deleted scenes and some 360 degree looks at other scenes and a wholly fantastic BD Live feature which allows you to create your own rap playlists.

When I first saw this advertised, I had no desire to see this movie at all.  I wouldn’t watch a movie about the life and times of Guns N Roses because I don’t listen to their music or have any desire to be like them.  If they made a Sufjan Stevens movie, I would be on that like pessimism on a good idea.  I already knew the sad stories of Tupac and Biggie, so it wouldn’t be revelatory in that regard.  Then I actually sat down and watched the movie.  It was a very good story and knowing the tragic ending only makes it that much better.  Yet for how good the movie was, it was all of the special features which were included on the Blu-ray that really made it an unforgettable experience.  On DVD, this movie would be a toss-up, but with all the great stuff on Blu-ray, I have no choice but to recommend this movie.

This movie is Notoriously good.

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