I like the holiday season.  It’s fun and nice and I have some great holiday music from Sufjan Stevens on my computer and I can’t wait for an excuse to listen to it again.  Actually, the best Christmas song ever is by The Flaming Lips, where they talk about how Christmas makes them believe that mankind is full of possibility and will create a land of peace and love.  Then they realize that it’s all an illusion and that the holidays just feel like that, they never actually lead to anything.  Dark, but a fantastic song.  Now there’s a new DVD out about the holiday season which is Dove Family approved.

Starting this November 11th, now available on DVD from Gener8Xion Entertainment and Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment comes a film from writer, actor and director David Wall.  Noelle is ready to come waltzing out of your television screen and bring some fun and holiday spirit into your life.  Bring home this heartwarming film today!

This film is the story of Jonathan Keene, a very distant and impatient priest who is a closer of sorts.  He goes to failing parishes and shuts them down, taking the emotional toll upon himself.  Now the week before Christmas, he is sent to a remote fishing village to get rid of their dwindling parish.  However, the spirit of the holidays begins to get with him, along with some of the villagers.  What results is him learning about peace and forgiveness for the first time in far too long.

As far as special features go, this disc is in the widescreen format, has surround sound and comes with English subtitles.

These Christmas and community and warming of the heart movies are as common in America as overwhelming personal debt.  Every year, two or three new ones pop up and a whole cadre of recycled films cycle through the Lifetime Channel and the Hallmark Channel endlessly.  They are cheesy and predictable, but middle-aged women eat them eat, they provide wholesome opportunities for family entertainment and those are all very positive things.  The inspirational holiday story is not a genre which quickens my heart, but this film is a stellar example of that model.  This movie does present a good story and is something that the whole more conservative family can watch together.  And, no matter how cheesy anything gets, a tale of redemption is always good for the heart.

Say Noelle!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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