I already have my BA degree.  Most of the people I know are adamant that I should go on and get my Masters in something, anything.  Of course, the logical step after that is to really bore down and get my PhD in something that’s at least somewhat related to what’s come before.  But when you get to that level, your expertise becomes so very narrow that it’s almost useless, no offense.  So education is great and is one of the true equalizers humanity has use of, but when you get too far it becomes just as divisive as money or faith.  So maybe I might know everything imaginable when it comes to how Wittgenstein’s theory of the meaning of language influenced Orwell’s concept of NewSpeak, but how does that make me a better person?  Now there’s a movie with a character who becomes just as trapped down an educational rabbit trail which has blinded him.

Starting this June 9th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a tale of double-crossing, science, kidnapping, millions of dollars, cannibalism and so much more.  Nobel Son is ready to trick its way right out of your television screen and fill your living room with fascinating and twisting tales of so many confusing things that you won’t know where this movie is going to end up.  Bring home this great new film today!

Eli just won a Nobel Prize.  He’s a professor who can’t keep it in his pants, has a famous wife and a son who is drifting through life and is stuck on his PhD thesis on cannibalism.  His son gets kidnapped and is held for $2.2 million.  But is the son in on it?  And when he gets out, is the real kidnapped trying to frame him for it as an inside job?  And what’s with the cop who keeps hanging out with Eli’s wife?  And what about when the real kidnapper moves into Eli’s guest house?  And how is Eli’s son going to get his revenge?  This movie stars Ted Danson, Danny Devito, Mary Steenburgen, Shawn Hatosy, Eliza Dushku, Bryan Greenberg and Alan Rickman and was directed by Randall Miller.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Randall Miller, writer Jody Savin, musician Paul Oakenfold and others, a selection of deleted scenes and a fascinating alternative ending to the film.

When one of the most memorable parts of a movie is a cameo by Ernie Hudson, then you know that the film is in trouble.  Without Eliza Dushku, I would have shut this movie off within the first half hour.  As it was, she had little more than a bit part and so the periods of waiting were long and nearly unbearable.  The worse part is that this movie was on the cusp of being something pretty good, or even decent.  But the writing just couldn’t get it there.  The movie felt very pretentious in a way that can’t quite be pinned down but was certainly very well and causes you to react in a visceral and negative manner.  The story had some good plot twists, but the ending wasn’t very good and the third round of twists, the ones that were really supposed to confuse us, just seemed contrived and forced.  The one shining star of this movie was the music from Paul Oakenfold.  He is what made the parts in between Eliza Dushku worth watching.

Whether you like this movie or not, it is certainly a Noble effort.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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