We attacked Iraq during Spring Break.  I remember gathering around the television with friends and watching “Shock and Awe” (something which doesn’t generally transition to “Hearts and Minds”) unfold in front of us.  Now, over four years later, Iraq is a mess.  Even the most optimistic assessing of the war must acknowledge that the war has been a partial, if not complete, failure.  It seems that every night’s news is filled with stories of corruption, military misconduct, assassinations, bombings, humanitarian failures, IEDs, popular unrest, and so on and on and on.

Yet I also remember gathering around the television and watching our tanks roll into Baghdad.  We saw the statues being ripped down and happy Iraqis waving American flags.  They poured out into the streets and cheered, cheered, our soldiers.  We were hailed as liberators.

Now the majority of both our countries want us out of Iraq.  What happened?  What went wrong with the Iraq story?  Those are the questions which this new exciting documentary seeks to answer.

No End In Sight, a film by director Charles Ferguson, takes a calm and devastating look at the American occupation of Iraq and how we took a difficult but winnable conflict and turned it into a quagmire.  It was policy decisions made in the first few months after the war that created that change.  The people interviewed in this film are the people who were at the very forefront of those policies, both those who opposed and championed them.  Included in the commentaries are Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson, and General Jay Garner.

No End In Sight is no left-leaning rant, no Google Video only documentary, no Michael Moore knockoff.  This is a cool headed destruction of the Bush Administration and how they handled the start of this new war.  That a cabal of men with no military experience, no experience in Iraq, or any concept of the Arab world was put in charge of rebuilding Iraq is a travesty.  This film is enraging and the fact that it’s all true and straight from the source only makes it that much worse.

In theaters everywhere this August.

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