Every film genre has one shining star.  There is that single film which encapsulates so much so well that it is consistently mentioned as being the highest achievement among those films.  For war films, we have Saving Private Ryan.  For indie cinema, there is Pulp Fiction.  And for zombie flicks, there is this movie.

Starting this May 20th, now available in a special 40th Anniversary Edition from Genius Products and Dimension Extreme Studios comes the original and most compelling vision of life in the time of zombies.  George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead roars back onto DVD in right into your home.  Watch this completely iconic and groundbreaking zombie film today!

This film is the first in a series of five zombie films by George A. Romero.  After Night came Dawn, Day, Land, and Diary, each also Of The Dead.  Out of all of them, each being exceptional in their own way and with their own message, Night was the most artistic, the most compelling, and the most gloriously claustrophobic in that delightful way only a zombie film can achieve.  This movie starts out with a brother and sister out visiting their father at a cemetery.  Zombies attack.  Brother is eaten, sister barely survives.  She runs to a house as the sun is setting.  Ben, the hero of the film, arrives.  He boards up the house and discovers people in the basement.  There is a racially charged power struggle.  Zombies attack.  Nude zombies, bloody zombies, hungry zombies.  Ben comes up with a plan to escape.  Flaming zombies.  Zombies break in.  Morning breaks and one of the greatest movie endings of all time arrives.  I refuse to spoil that ending.  You must see it for yourself.

The all new special features included in this 40th Anniversary Edition are two optional audio commentaries from Romero and members of the cast and crew, a feature length documentary about the movie, a question and answer session with George A. Romero, the final interview with the actor who played Ben, still galleries, the original theatrical trailer, and the entire movie script.

I saw this movie while falling asleep halfway through my high school years.  It was the first black and white film I saw and enjoyed, quickly followed by Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, and High Noon.  The shocking ending, the attacks on racism and the gun culture in America, the condemnation of the American way of bombast and overexuberance.  Those stuck with me in a meaningful way and I’m sure they will to you as well.  It’s an artistic look at what you consider to be one of the cheesiest types of films.  It is wonderful.

It’s time for this Night to see the light of day again.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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