Nerd or not, history is fascinating.  There are the facts we learn in school and from textbook after textbook.  But what about the other facts?  What about all the little details?  The conspiracies?  The secret connections and coincidences?  Whether they are true or not or whether they even mean anything is completely immaterial.  They are fun and compelling, no matter what.  And if there’s one recent movie that taps into that fascination, it is National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage.

The definitive National Treasure is now available for the first time ever as a special edition two disc collectors set.  Take this gem home for the holiday season and find a treasure of your own.

Nicolas Cage stars as Benjamin Franklin Gates in this blockbuster hit produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.  Bask in the historical trivia as they search for the true treasure of the nation.  It’s a more exciting Da Vinci Code as they race through page after page of American history, picking out the little details we never knew and constructing a compelling and fascinating fantasy to link them all together.  Is the treasure found?  What is the treasure?  Are they able to survive?  Watch this phenomenal collectors edition two disc set and find out for yourself.

The special features on this all-new two disc special collectors edition are, quite simply, beyond belief.  If indeed you were seeking for treasure, this is where you’d fine the mother lode.  There is an alternate ending, plenty of deleted scenes, and an animatic, all with optional directors commentary.  There are also eight featurettes included in the DVD, “National Treasure On Location”, “The Knights Templar”, “Treasure Hunters Revealed”, “Riley’s Decode This!”, “Ciphers, Codes & Codebreakers”, “On The Set Of American History”, “To Steal A National Treasure”, and “Exploding Charlotte”.  Not to mention, there are also three puzzling challenges!

National Treasure, for a movie that requires no thinking to follow the plot and contains no development of character, is a gem of a film.

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