In this day and time it is so easy for a young teenager out on the streets to get involved with using drugs and getting involved with pimps or drug dealers. They convince the kids that this is their way out of living on the streets. They get them all hooked on the drugs and then turn them loose on the streets to sell it for them for little to nothing.

Well here we have Ally, a young runaway girl living on the streets. She finds herself working as a drug mule and soon learns that there is danger surrounding her everywhere. Ally’s day starts out as a normal day just as any other day but it quickly changes when one of her customer’s takes advantage of her. She is left injured, humiliated and now with no money she had from the drug sale.

Now as if things weren’t bad enough already, she is now in trouble with her boss who she now owes money too from her last deal gone bad. He is not a very forgiving person but decides to offer her a deal so she can make up for the money that was stolen from her.

Ally really starts worrying now that her troubles are far from over. Unfortunately things get worse for her but this is just another day in her life.

Does Ally make the last drug deal for her boss or is this the end of Ally?

“My Way” will be released out on Digital and VOD on December 8, 2020. Directed by Ibrahim Miiro and written by Ibrahim Miiro and Shirley Day. Starring in the movie is Hannah Laresa Smith, Mike Kinsey, Karl Jackson and Jade Asha. Feel free to look at the official trailer for “My Way” below.

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