A Very Minty Christmas

The holidays are a time filled with all sorts of rituals and symbolic gestures.  Some include eating way too much, cutting down trees and putting them into our houses, lighting candles and spinning a top and all sorts of other crazy things.  We give presents, we get presents, we bake certain foods, we drink certain drinks and we listen to certain songs.  In some places, they even have a highly important huge piece of candy that protects the whole town.  Now you have a chance to watch that amazing story on DVD.

Starting this October 21st, now available on DVD from Hasbro Entertainment and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the holiday themed movie from everyone’s favorite group of talking ponies.  My Little Pony – A Very Minty Christmas is ready to gallop out of your television screen and take your hearts captive with a compelling holiday story.  Bring home the candy and Christmas story of the year!

In Ponyville, the magical town where all the My Little Ponies live, they need something special come Christmas time.  Santa won’t be able to find his way around town without the “Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane,” so it so is a good thing that Ponyville has one.  But then Minty, the minty-green pony, accidentally breaks the candy cane.  She is afraid she has ruined Christmas and sets off to do whatever she can to set things right.  But everything keeps going badly for poor Minty and so her friends decide to help her out and together they discover what the holidays are really all about.

The special features included in this boxed set are a collectible pony toy, a bonus episode, two songs that you can sing along with, a full screen format and surround sound.

This was a very fun and entertaining look at Christmas.  Young kids are guaranteed to enjoy this funny film and the great extras that come along with it.  If I were a little girl, I would certainly be excited to find this boxed set in my Christmas stocking and I’m sure your little girls will think the same as well.  I recommend this DVD as clean, quality holiday fun for all.

Let these holidays leave a Minty fresh taste in your mouth.

This DVD boxed set and collectible pony toy are available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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