It’s no secret that I love bad movies.  It’s always somewhat embarrassing to have my roommate come home and I’m watching a zombie movie or rewatching Barbarella for the third time this week.  It’s delightful fun to watch something so joyously bad, even if it’s a pleasure most people don’t understand.  But there are some movies out there that are so bad that they aren’t even my radar.  Now some of them are in a boxed set and they are ready for you right now!

Starting this May 19th, now available in a three DVD boxed set from Infinity Entertainment Group and Retromedia Entertainment comes the ultimate collection of strong manly men and all the campy goodness that comes along with that.  Muscle Madness – 5 Big Movies! is ready to flex its way right out of your television screen and bring you a whole magical world of strong, smooth-chested men doing all sorts of muscular and manly things.  Bring home this hilariously classic collection of movies today!

This three disc set is made up of five movies.  In Goliath And The Sins Of Babylon, there is a strong man, a chariot race, a sea battle and a whole lot of virgins.  In Colossus And The Amazon Queen, it’s a strange, strange and hilarious movie about strong men and beautiful women and they’re trying to kill one another.  In Giant Of Marathon, it’s up to Philippides, a Greek strong man, to stave off the Persian hordes.  In War Of The Trojans, the Trojans must leave the fallen city of Troy and go off to found a new city, Rome.  In Hercules Against The Moon Men, it’s obvious that the best are saved for last.  The aliens have landed on ancient Earth and are killing all the humans.  It’s up to Maciste to save them all and kill the invaders!

The special features included in this three disc boxed set are about 450 minutes of men flexing and throwing things and a replica theater promotional booklet about being a strong man that was one of the funniest parts of this whole experience.  It’s delightfully campy and the perfect sort of thing for someone who would appreciate this boxed set to begin with.

Each of the five movies in this boxed set were made between the years of 1959 and 1964 and they are perfect examples of just what types of excess made entertainment so hilarious back then.  These movies star, in some arrangement, Mark Forest, Steve Reeves, Alan Steele and Rod Taylor.  I expected to see the other three, but I never would have figured that Rod Taylor of The Time Machine fame would ever appear in a movie like this.  I laughed all the way through all five of these movies.  The best one features, of course, well muscled men and aliens.  Who wins?  We all do!  This is a veritable B movie treasure trove, one I’m certainly sure that no fan of the sword and sandal genre would possibly want to miss.  The greatest use for this box set would be as a campy and hilarious gift for someone, especially at a formal setting.  I’m going to a wedding next weekend, I wonder if I have a gift picked out for them yet . . .  In all seriousness, this is a hilarious collection and a great look back at just how far the movies have come in fifty years.

It’s not Madness, it’s pure campy fun.

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