Oh, the European comedy.  What a love-hate relationship America has with all of Europe, let alone with their comedies.  They come from a land where trains are not some eccentric pet project of the nouveau riche, where people know more than one language, where life is lived in much closer quarters with the world as a whole.  So, to be honest, if we over here in America tend to occasionally miss the boat of Continental comedy, it’s understandable because of cultural differences we usually aren’t intelligent enough to recognize.  Yet, at times, it is possible that there are movies which genuinely miss the comedic mark.  And, as much as it pains a long-time Rowan Atkinson fan to say, Mr. Bean’s Holiday is about as wide a miss as a Limey can make without falling in the Channel.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday is the latest, and supposedly the last, adventure of the British Mr. Bean.  Starring Rowan Atkinson as the iconic and usually hilarious Mr. Bean, this film is a tragedy when compared to how great Mr. Bean has always been.  The television show was always hilarious and he was able to find a way of showing us new ways of looking at everyday life and always wringing the laughs out of life’s messes along the way.  Mr. Bean’s Holiday is a dismal digression from that rich heritage.

Bean wins a trip to the south of France and, being the always rubber-faced man he is, manages to mess that up right away.  He gets lost, separates a father from his child, ruins a yogurt commercial, and even ends up in Cannes Film Festival, all of which he captures on tape on his brand-new Sony digital camcorder.

The special features on the DVD include deleted scenes and featurettes about shooting at the Cannes Film Festival, Rowan Atkinson as Bean, and shooting the film in Frace.

Bean brings the laughs in few and far in between.  This is no vacation, it’s more brutal than a regular work week.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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