Morning Light [Blu-ray]

I am not a sailor.  I’ve been out a couple of times and have hated it with great passion each time.  Nonetheless, although I can’t stand sailing, it still seems very interesting to me.  It’s just a guy in a boat, fighting against nature.  It’s you and your wits and a sweet boat out in the middle of it all.  That seems like something I would enjoy, except for the possibility of sinking and being stranded in the middle of the ocean.  If I get a flat tire on my bike, I can just walk home or call a cab.  It rarely becomes a matter of life or death on the bike paths.  But now there’s a great new documentary about high seas danger and it’s ready in a whole new format.

Starting this June 16th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the fantastic true story of an adventure that wonderfully exciting and also 100 percent real.  Morning Light – Blu-ray Disc is ready to tack right out of your television screen and ride a rough, salty wave into the middle of your living room.  Bring home this fantastic documentary today!

Every year, there is a race out in the Pacific called the Transpacific Yacht Race.  It goes the 2,500 blue ocean miles from Los Angeles to Honolulu and can take over a week, depending on weather conditions.  This is one of the top sea races in the world and attracts some of the best racing talent.  Back in 2007, two people came up with the idea to get fifteen young sailors, most of them inexperienced and almost helplessly over their heads, and have them race a 52 foot racing sloop, the Morning Light, in the Transpac.  Watch as these young people go through the application process, train for six months and eventually go on to race for the prize under the command of their 21 year old captain.  It’s a fantastic journey and a wonderful treat to watch.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a look at some stories from the sea with Jason Earles of Hannah Montana fame and a great EPSN special looking at what it took to make this team of sailors.

This documentary is fantastically enjoyable.  It’s exciting, it’s inspirational, it’s dangerous, it’s fully of water.  In short, this is everything that a good documentary should be.  It makes me want to start sailing, because being on a racing team like this would be fantastic.  This was a very well-made film and certainly a rather moving one as well.  It is nearly unimaginable to undertake such a compelling and dangerous task at such a young age.  Making this movie was a great idea and I’m sure that you will enjoy it all the way through.

It’s Morning in America with this inspirational documentary!

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