This probably goes without saying since it’s a movie made by Pixar, but I think this film is an absolute delight.  It’s funny, it’s very sentimental and touching and there are little bits of humor than you have to be fast to pick up on.  That’s a perfect combination and now it’s ready for you to take home in brand-new high definition!

Starting this November 10th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes one of the most endearing and delightful stories ever told about a bunch of nightmare monsters.  Monsters, Inc. – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come scrambling out of your television screen and fill your living room with some of the furriest, scariest monster friends you have ever had.  Bring it home today and experience this magical film in high definition!

Sulley and his best friend Mike Wazowski live in Monstropolis, a town that is much like you or I live in.  The only difference is that everyone who lives there is an actual monster and Mike and Sulley are among the best monsters there.  They work at the scream processing facility and pop into the bedrooms of children at night and harvest their scream.  Mike and Sulley are at the top of the board every single shift.  Then Boo, a little girl, manages to get back through the closet door and invade the land of monsters.  Now it’s they who are scared and Mike and Sulley decide they need to protect her and help get her back.  But will they be able to?

The question is more what special features this 4 disc boxed set doesn’t have.  There is a Blu-ray of the movie with a look at the feature based off this film that they are building in Tokyo Disneyland, an optional audio commentary, a round table with all of the filmmakers, the two original shorts from the DVD and so much more.  Then there’s another Blu-ray with the 100 Door Challenge Game, Pixar Fun Factory tour, some great banished concepts and so much more. There’s a DVD of the movie and the original DVD bonus features and then a downloadable digital copy for your portable media devices.  My goodness.

My two favorite moments from this movie are when the monsters are walking out like that scene from Reservoir Dogs.  It’s such a great movie to pay homage to in a kid’s film.  Then there’s the part where the monster walks past holding a mallet and a watermelon, a direct tribute to the comedy of Gallagher.  If that’s not a true Easter egg, I don’t know what would be.  John Goodman and Billy Crystal are so good in this movie that it made me love their other movies that much more.  Then there’s the abominable snowman and the cute little girl and so many other things that I just want to go and watch the movie again just writing about it.  Maybe I’ll go do so, because it’s even better in high definition.

You’d have to be a Monster not to love this movie.

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