I did not know who Mitch Fatel was before I got this DVD.  Once I started watching it, I realized that I did recognize him from some other things I had seen before, but I did not remember him based on his name.  That’s the problem with stand-up comedians – there are just way too many of them.  Even worse, very few of them are actually and truly funny.  Anyone associated with the blue collar comedy tour, Jeff Dunham, heck, most comics just are not funny.  So those of us who value good comedy are left to wander the cosmos, looking for something that just might be funny.  Well, an example of what we aren’t looking for is ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this September 22nd, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the live special debut of a comic whose innocent voice and coy whispers are not to be believed.  Mitch Fatel Is Magical is ready to come whooshing out of your television screen and envelop your living room with tales of sex and sexual jokes.  Bring home this one-track comic today!

Mitch is this little short guy who talks in a lot of whispers and whose voice sounds like a fifth grader’s.  But for all that nerdy appearance, all he ever thinks about is girls.  Based on all his stories, that’s also pretty much what he spends most of his time doing.  This entire set is about sex and very little of it is truly interesting, unique or even that funny.  He rues the decline of one of his favorite and most basic sexual activities, he talks about how great women are, he talks about how great they are in bed and he talks about how great some of their certain body parts are.  He’s just beating a dead whore.

The special features included in this DVD are a special animation of Mitch telling one of his stories, a photo shoot for the cover of this disc, some hilarious outtakes and great interactions with fans of Mitch where they try to imitate him or tell his jokes or just talk about how funny the set was.

I did not laugh once.  Not even one time and I tend to be a laugh whore, just giving them away to whatever catches my fancy.  It’s not that I have anything against sex jokes.  Just about anything can be hilarious in the hands of a master comic.  The problem is that Mitch Fatel is not that master comic.  He does show signs that he might be able to become much funnier if he tightens up his jokes and learns to talk about more than one thing.  He could even bring a little variety to the way he talks about sex and that would make it a lot funnier.  Saying one thing over and over again just isn’t hilarious and that’s what Mitch’s stand-up right now pretty much amounts to.  So if you have hang-ups when it comes to sex or if you actually enjoy comedy, I would stay away from this DVD.

This Magic is little more than sleight of hand.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet
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