I’ve started watching horror movies a lot lately.  That’s mainly because I’ve burned through all the good free movies I get every month from Comcast.  All that’s left is Wicked Little Things and Last House On The Left and other films along that line.  So I watch them and then pretend that I really do have a good reason to look over my bookshelf when things get a little scary.  I’m not a big fan, but it’s better than watching the Washington Wizards or a rerun of Nash Bridges.  Now there’s a new horror movie out that I really did find enjoyable.

Starting this January 13th, now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the supernatural and graphic tale of murder and evil spirits from the past that live in mirrors.  Mirrors – Unrated is ready to shatter your television screen with its vision of demonic powers and scary huge pieces of glass.  Bring home this clever and ultimately frightening film today!

A now-disgraced former police officer is living with his sister and estranged from his wife and two children.  He takes a job as the night watchman guarding the burned out hulk of the former Mayflower department store.  Yet there’s something strange about the mirrors in the building and they seem to be taking control of his life.  They’re looking for something and so the cop is on the case.  All this builds to a fantastic climax, some gruesome death scenes and a great twist ending.  Written by Alexandre Aja, this film stars Kiefer Sutherland, Amy Smart and Paula Patton.

The special features included in this unrated DVD are the extended unrated version of the film along with the original theatrical version, an alternate ending, a selection of deleted scenes, a look at the special effects for the film and idea for the story and a featurette about the making of this movie.

I enjoyed this movie a lot.  Instead of being a pissed off federal agent, Kiefer Sutherland is now just a pissed off ex-cop with anger problems.  In case you didn’t notice, Kiefer, I’m pretty sure you’re being pigeonholed.  It is always a delight to see Amy Smart in anything, as she is simply stunning.  I thought the idea behind this film was a very good one, because it’s both somewhat esoteric and just downright scary in parts.  All the bodies in the mirrors were a little too much sometimes, but it was very frightening at parts.  Also, why are all old scary buildings required to have a previous life as an instanced asylum?  Couldn’t a former grocery store be just as scary?  And who doesn’t think a huge room full of mirrors is scary?  I know I do and I couldn’t look at the mirrored wall in the gym at my apartment building the same after seeing the movie.  The director of the film compared it to The Shining, which was infinitely more frightening and a whole lot better, but I do understand the comparison.  That feeling of impending doom, the naïve child, that claustrophobic sense – all of those are in this movie and I surprised myself by enjoying it as much as I did.

You might not enjoy all you see in this Mirror.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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