The Soviets were a fantastic boogeyman.  They were going to bury us when we died.  How awesome is that?  They came to signify everything that we thought was evil and we fought proxy wars against them through most of the Cold War.  In hindsight, all of the interventions and the domino theory turned out to be a very bad idea, but the battles we had against them in the Olympics were some of the greatest of all time.  And the best out of all those was the 1980 Olympics Men’s Hockey game where we managed to beat the best hockey team in the world.  Now you can relive that incredible and inspirational story in a brand new format!

Starting this June 16th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Mayhem Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the inspirational story of the true defeat that the United States was finally able to hand to the Soviet Union.  Miracle – Blu-ray Disc is ready to cross both blue lines and slash right out of your television screen, bringing with it an inspirational story to fill your entire living room.  Bring home this great motivational film in high definition today!

Herb Brooks is from Minnesota and it’s 1980.  That means that he is most likely good at hockey, or so the American assumption goes.  Luckily for America, Herb Brooks is one of the best hockey coaches around.  Now he’s in charge of putting together the U.S. Olympic Men’s Hockey team from a group of amateurs and college athletes.  With a great deal of struggle, they finally manage to come together and look to stand a chance to win it all.  Then they come up against the Soviet National team, the best group of professional hockey stars in the world.  Who will win in this battle of ideologies?  This movie stars Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson and Noah Emmerich and was directed by Gavin O’Connor.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a look at the making of this film, a featurette about preparing the actors to be hockey players, a look into scoring the movie, an ESPN roundtable about the true story behind this film, an actual conversation with Herb Brooks and the makers of the movie, an optional audio commentary from director Gavin O’Connor, director of photography Dan Stoloff and editor John Gilroy and a wide selection of outtakes.

I have seen this movie about a dozen times.  For whatever reason, the fundamentalist circles I used to run in loved those inspirational sports movie.  I guess they provide excitement without any objectionable content, perfect for letting you still barely make it into heaven.  Yet, I love this movie.  The Minnesota accents are delightful, mainly because most of the people I work with actually talk like that.  But the story is truly inspirational.  This Olympic hockey team gave us a victory at a moment that it seemed that nothing could get any worse for America.  We had the malaise, but it was this victory that really made it morning in America again.  Now you can relive that feeling of awe and national accomplishment whenever you want, and it’s in high definition.

Catch this cinematic Miracle today!

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