Mind of Mencia - Uncensored Season Four

I like watching Comedy Central.  It is usually a pretty safe bet for some quality entertainment, particularly on slow television days.  They play a quality selection of movies and the shows they have in syndication are always good ones.  Their original shows are funnier than most and it’s the stand-up comedy specials which always keep people coming back.  Now there is a new offering out on DVD from those veritable masters of humor.

Starting this November 11th, now available as a two disc boxed set from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment comes the fourth season of one of them most verbose comics out there.  Mind Of Mencia – Season 4 – Uncensored is ready to come roaring out of your television screen and deliver a deadly comic blast to the whole living room.  Bring home this comedy series today!

Carlos Mencia is back with the fourth season of his show.  He takes on all sorts of cultural phenomena in this season.  He talks about gay marriage, riffs off some of the funniest thoughts ever assembled about the phenomenon of white guilt and takes on those annoying emo teens.  Then there are the new addition to the show (but I actually don’t remember much about season three, so these might not be new), the animated adventures about Mencia’s childhood life.  Above all this is that fact that when you watch Carlos Mencia, you see a comic who will say whatever comes into his mind and that’s the real selling point here.

The special features included in this two DVD boxed set are a look at what happens between the breaks, some Mencia minutes, a massive selection of bloopers, deleted scenes and even some extended scenes.  This disc also contains the Cookie Monster segment from The Colbert Report, the look into Baracknophobia on The Daily Show, the completely hilarious prostitution sting on Reno 911! and the overwhelmingly funny Mr. Cartmanez segment from South Park.

I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of Carlos Mencia.  His formula for comedy seems so surefire though.  He is a very funny and very talented loud man with a lot of opinions about everything.  So he simply says whatever’s on his mind.  If you’re a funny person, that should be funny.  Somehow it seems as though the show is missing that little something which lifts it up into the comedy stratosphere.  My guess is that it needs a little more direction, just a touch more guidance and this show would be something we’d talk about for years to come.

If you already like Carlos, keep this offering in Mind.

This two DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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