Foreign language movies are often challenging. It can be hard to read subtitles and understand the nuances that the director is offering. Midnight Eagle at first seems complicated, just because of this language barrier, but is well worth sticking with. Izuru Narushima, may not be a name that we recognize here in North America, but that is about to change, this director knows how to produce a fine product.

Midnight Eagle is on a par with ‘The Hunt For Red October’, or any of the other great action movies of the last few decades.

The plot concerns an as yet built US stealth bomber designated the B5. Of course with the stealth program, who knows if it does not already exist? Why do ‘Janet’ planes have their own terminal at Las Vegas McCarran and only fly to the infamous ‘black works’ airport known as Area 51?

Anyway, I digress. What would happen if a super secret US stealth bomber was to crash in the Northern Alps of Japan? This is the start of Midnight Eagle, and it gets better as the movie progresses. Stealth only works when people can not see you, the crash of the B5, happens to be noticed by two seasoned mountain climbers, of course it is also noticed by the governments involved.

As the saying goes ‘The race is on’. Who can get there first, and maybe more disturbingly, who can deal with what they find? The intrepid duo of climbers quickly discover that not everyone on the mountain are friendly, who are they?

At the high end we have ‘National Pride’ in a search and rescue effort, at the not so high end we have the need to keep the lid on a big problem. Exactly what was in this Stealth Plane? Well go watch the movie and you will find out!

The photography is ‘in your face’, and yet alluring, the scenery is stunning, and maybe not the Japan that we in the west are familiar with. If you have the opportunity to check this out in either New York or Los Angeles, you should. Midnight Eagle opens for a limited engagement on November 23. Even though it is subtitled it is well worth the effort, this is a superbly crafted piece of work.

You can get all the information from the official Midnight Eagle web site.

Simon Barrett

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