I’ve never tried an illegal drug.  It just hasn’t been something which has ever interested me.  I enjoy a good time as much as the next guy, I would suppose, but I’ve never had much of a desire for drugs.  It’s not the fear of doing something illegal which prevents me – legality is next to nothing when it comes to a barrier these days.  I just don’t have whatever it is inside of me which drives a person to try drugs.  Some people are born with that tendency.  This film takes a look at a segment of those who do.

Now available from Cinema Libre Studio and Babalu Pictures is the latest documentary from director Todd Ahlberg.  Meth is ready to be brought some and learned from any time you wish.  Take a wild ride into the homosexual subculture and see how pivotal and destructive meth can be in that environment.

Todd Ahlberg takes his second deep look into the homosexual community in Meth.  It is the story of a crowd of white urban males who snort, smoke or inject meth, aka, “Tina.”  These men range from 21 to 50, most are HIV positive, and most of them are now off of meth.  This documentary talks about how they got on the drug, mainly through their involvement in what are known as “circuit parties,” and how they progressed into their addiction.  The first half of the film is more upbeat, talking about the positives of the drug – how high they got, the way sex was so much better, the lack of fear or worry.  But then their friends began dying from AIDS.  Then they got fired.  Then they ran out of money.  That’s the point of the film where the addiction becomes painfully real.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from the director, Todd Ahlberg, and follow-up interviews with some of the people originally interviewed as a part of the film.

Just as in his previous documentary, Hooked, a look into the online cruising habits of homosexual men, Ahlberg takes on a widely reported occurrence in the gay world.  Everyone knows that gay men are taking meth and having unprotected sex and becoming HIV positive.  This is not news.  But the deeper look into the specifics of their meth use, and seeing the effects, are certainly worth the while.  Every twitch, every lie, all the sad and bitter stories – those are all effective deterrents to those who are only just beginning on their journey to the land of “Tina.”  This film might not present anything new, but it’s an incredible look at the lives of those who escaped and those who have not.

Meth is a catchy look at a fascinating and grossly underreported important phenomenon.

This DVD is available at the Cinema Libre Studio Store.

Nathaniel Jonet

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