The future is captivating.  Not in the sense of what is going to happen in five minutes, or the shirt you will choose to wear to work tomorrow.  Rather, we wonder more about what life is going to be like in ten years, what new technologies will we have around at that point.  Will we be living on the moon?  What about those flying cars?  Robots?  How much smaller will the iPod get?  It’s the fact that the future just keeps going that makes it so interesting.

Many films have been about the future, but few have shown as human a vision of tomorrow as the new film from Disney and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Meet The Robinsons.

Released October 23rd on Disney DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, Meet The Robinsons is a hilarious and uplifting movie for the whole family.

I was greatly surprised at just how good this movie was for having a G rating.  G usually stands for God-Awful, but Meet The Robinsons was one of the best family films I have seen since The Incredibles.  The animation was superb, the story compelling, the characters vivid and distinct, and the lessons to be learned vital.

From singing frogs to break-dancing dinosaurs, the future turns out to be a very friendly and inviting place.  The Robinsons themselves are warmly hilarious, the frogs provide one of the most hilarious scenes ever in a children’s movie (it’s the one about the trunk of the car), and the twist ending, although most people will see it coming long before it gets there, will nonetheless stir your heart.

Meet The Robinsons shows all of us that family is not ultimately something we are born with, it is something that we can choose for ourselves.

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