Marley And Me (3-disc Bad Dog Edition) [Blu-ray]

I had a dog when I was younger.  I was in elementary school when we got her and I was graduated from college by the time she had to be put down.  Now she’s buried in the backyard and none of us have gotten another pet, except for my sister who keeps managing to kill each fish she buys.  But while she was alive, that dog was an important part of the family, always up for a walk or just falling asleep of the floor somewhere.  Dogs can become a great part of your life if you let them.  Now there’s a movie about that same phenomenon and it’s available right now!

Starting this March 31st, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Regency Enterprises comes an endearing story of a young couple and their struggle to deal with the worst dog in the world.  Marley & Me – 3-Disc Bad Dog Edition is ready to scramble right out of your television screen and leap into the living room with this tale of friendship and zany dog antics.  Bring home this heartwarming film today!

John and Jenny Grogan have just gotten married and moved down to sunny Florida to write for newspapers.  When Jenny wants to have a baby, John decides that they should first adopt a dog to see just how ready they are to be a family.  They choose Marley, a golden lab who is incorrigible and refuses time and time again to be trained.  John is offered a twice weekly column where he gets to write about everyday life and he chooses to write about Marley, whose continued destruction makes the column easy to write.  The Grogans begin to have children and consider getting rid of Marley, although they soon discover that he’s the heart of their family.  But what will happen with Marley growing older every day?  This movie stars Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane and Alan Arkin and was directed by David Frankel.

This 3 disc set contains the movie and special features on Blu-ray, a bonus disc of the entire film on DVD and a digital copy of the movie to download on portable media devices.  The special features included on the Blu-ray disc are 19 deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from the director, a featurette about finding the perfect dog actor for the role, a look at the dogs on the set, a great featurette about animal adoption, a hilarious reel of bloopers and a look at trivia about animal training.

I’m sure that everyone out there will find much to love about this movie.  Everyone I know who has seen this movie thought it was fantastic.  Owen Wilson was, of course, very funny and Jennifer Aniston presented a far more realistic character than we usually see from here in other films.  I didn’t ever read the book this movie is based off of, but it sounds like even more of a touching story than the movie ended up being.  They do really pile it on at the end and it certainly becomes unapologetically emotional, but if something like that were to happen to you and your family, I’m sure the emotion would be just as real then.  I recommend this movie, much to my surprise, considering I did not think this movie would end up being any good.  Yet it’s fantastic.

Trust Me, you’ll find something in this movie to enjoy.

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