Somehow, the indie movie went from being a freeform beautiful thing to a formulaic output from major studio divisions.  They have a dysfunctional family in them, there is a journey of some sort, be it physical or otherwise, and then there is a resolution of sorts.  Depending on the indie film, the resolution could either be a happy wrapping up of the themes involved, an almost non-resolution where we are mostly left hanging, but it’s indie, so we say that it makes sense, or a wholly depressing ending.  Well, regardless of the formula, there is now another movie coming out to own and watch at home that fits the pattern.

Starting this February 19th, now available on DVD from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Vantage, is Margo At The Wedding. 

Margot At The Wedding is the hilarious story of two sisters, their children, and an upcoming wedding.  Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black star in this latest darkly hilarious film from acclaimed director Noah Baumbach.  Nicole Kidman plays Margot, a short story writer with a wildly acerbic wit and Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Pauline who is getting married shortly.  When Margot makes a surprise appearance at Pauline’s house before the wedding, she begins to spread the same sorts of vitriol she always did.  What happens next is a wildly hilarious and completely unconventional look at the ties which bind.

The special features included in this disc are a conversation with director Noah Baumbach and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh and also a collection of trailers for other movies set to be released by Paramount Pictures.

This film is overwhelmingly hilarious.  Just like the last movie from Noah Baumbach, The Squid And The Whale, this one focuses on  the lives of the literary elite.  The New Yorker plays a pivotal role in each film and they also both end on somewhat of a downbeat, although Squid does a far better job of ending than Margot does.  This movie is grossly hilarious and so darkly so.  It is like a Kurt Vonnegut book with the hope torn out.  Nicole Kidman is, as usual, completely wonderful.  I have never exactly been impressed with Jennifer Jason Leigh and even with a great performance in this film, I am still not impressed with her.  Jack Black is completely wonderful in his role in the movie.  All in all, this movie is incredible.  It is a bit of a let-down when compared to Squid, but it’s still a wonderful film.

Margo At The Wedding is another toast-worthy film from Noah Baumbach.

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