The Season One Top 25 Manswers

I’m not exactly a manly man.  I can fix my own vacuum cleaner, change the air filter on my car, keep my computer running and take a chicken from running around outside to barbecued on your plate all on my own, but I’m no blue collar wet dream.  Maybe that’s why this new collection from a television show fails to resonate with me.  Or maybe it’s because it sucks.

Starting this July 15th, now available on DVD from Paramount Pictures and Spike TV comes a selection of answers to questions you probably never really wanted to ask to begin with.  MANswers – The Best Of Season One is now ready for you to bring home and turn your brains to mush.  Enjoy not thinking deeply today!

This show, broadcast on Spike TV, is a question and answer type show.  Someone asks a manly question and gets a manly answer.  The DVD features the best 25 questions with at least ten extras as well.  Questions are all across the spectrum of life.  How can you get drunk faster?  (Answer – pour liquor up your butt, something about a thinner mucous membrane)  Also, how do you tell if it’s a hooker or a cop?  (Answer – ask them to do nude modeling, cops won’t because it’s legal and hookers are always down for cash)  The questions continue on with just as much intelligence and social relevance.

As far as special features go on this DVD, you think there should be something to counter all the masochistic stupidity contained here.  Maybe some clips from North Country, an interview with Noam Chomsky, a short story from John Updike or Kurt Vonnegut.  There should be something, yet, sadly, there is not.

There were a couple of interesting facts in this show but that does not make up for the rest of them.  This show is trying to capitalize on the manly frenzy which has been whipped up recently, showing itself in Chuck Norris jokes and a couple best selling books.  But the thing about the manly craze is that it is mainly ironic, that we realize that we can’t be as manly as our fathers and grandfathers are, so we mock the attempts of those who try.  This show completely misses that point.  Completely.

MAN, this show sucks.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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