The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

When this show first came out, I was unimpressed.  I’m sure I caught an episode or two, at least partly, but since I didn’t know the story, I remained not invested in the struggles of Charlie or the love triangle of Sawyer, Jack and Kate.  I didn’t care about the monster that was ripping down all of the trees.  I didn’t know about the questions that would arise and still wouldn’t be answered five seasons later.  But not you have the chance to come in on the ground floor and learn all about this great show in a fantastic brand new format.

Starting this June 16th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from ABC Studios comes the definitive look at the first season of one of the greatest television shows of all time.  LOST – The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Disc is ready to crash land right in the middle of your living room and bring with it a world of strange happenings and so many other things you won’t be able to even come close to understanding yet.  Bring home this monumental television show today!

Oceanic flight 815 crashed on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.  The tail section is gone, 48 people are left alive and they are waiting for rescue.  But they were thousands of miles off course and it doesn’t look like anyone is looking for them.  Then the island turns out to not be as deserted as they thought, but the other inhabitants are even worse than the mysterious monster that keeps tearing down the trees.  Now Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Claire and her baby, Sayid, Charlie, Locke, Walt, Michael, Sun, Jin, Kate and so many others are in a struggle to survive and find out what’s going on and it makes for some of the best television you have ever seen.

This Blu-ray Disc boxed set is loaded down with special features.  There are some great unaired flashbacks from the final episode, a look at the making of the pilot for the film, which was a pretty impressive feat, a featurette about how J.J. Abrams came up with the idea for making this show into what it became, a look into creating the look and feel of this show, audition tapes, commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, some incredible Easter eggs and so very much more.

Right after I watched the new Star Trek film, I went out and bought the first season of this show.  I figured that if J.J. Abrams could do such a fantastic job with one of my favorite stories of all time, then his most famous television show might be worth watching as well.  From the first few minutes, I was completely hooked.  For the week it took for me to watch the complete first season, find all of the Easter eggs and watch all of the special features, I thought of nothing besides this show.  I would ride bike, drink Diet Pepsi and think about the island and what could possibly be going on with everything.  It’s a fantastic show and it will take you for a ride you’ll never forget.  It’s even better on Blu-ray!  I would kill to be stuck on an island with Evangeline Lilly.  Come to think of it, being stuck on that island with the rest of Oceanic 815 would be one of the most fantastic things of all time.  Sign me up!

Get LOST in this great show today!

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