The title and the release date Nov/6 caught my attention. Nov/6 is the date of the Mid-term elections and Loss Prevention is certainly a key word for the GOP, who seem destined to get their asses kicked.

Much to my relief, Loss Prevention has no political message. It is a fun action movie romp.

The last time I reviewed a movie from ThoughtFly Films was several years ago you can read my comments about ‘Overtime’ here. In fact I wish you would read them, The major studios are now hellbent of producing crap. Star Wars and Marvel Comics seem to rule the box office.

Loss Prevention is pure escapism, way better than anything playing at your local 1000 screen Megaplex.

It is a movie about industrial espionage, the stealing of trade secrets have made for many movie plots. Sure the stealing of a ‘wazoo’ computer chip likely would be the popular way to go. Loss Prevention explores a very different avenue. More money is spent on toothpaste than you might imagine, in 2017 Golgate sold 83 million tubes of ‘regular’ and 47 million tubes of ‘Total’.

Loss Prevention pits two large organizations against each other. The prize at the end of the quest is the ultimate Toothpaste!

Sure the ‘toothpaste’ angle brings a broad toothy grin to your face, but the product involved is of no consequence, it is the action and reaction that makes this movie a hit. Once again, in a lead role is retired WWE star Al Snow. Al plays the role of Murphy a rough tough bar owner in a small town, Abisha Uhl plays Nik, Murphy’s gay and somewhat headstrong daughter and bartender.

I enjoyed Loss Prevention a great deal, there are no ‘good’ people to cheer on, everyone is despicable in their own way. Much of the action is centered at Murphy’s bar ‘The Soggy Weasel’, I love dive bars, I’d be first in line to order a brewski at The Soggy Weasel. The name itself makes me thirsty!

Loss Prevention is well crafted and far better than most of the rubbish masquerading as a movie.

Take a chance, give an indie film a chance, freed of the shackles of a major studio, here is a wonderful 90 minutes of fun and escapism. You can preorder here

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