There is a dearth of children’s shows on television these days.  With parents desperate to find a way to keep their kids entertained, it only makes sense that they would be turning to television.  Now there is a new and wonderful choice available to parents across the globe.

Starting this June 24th, now available on DVD from PorchLight Home Entertainment comes a wonderful animated show designed especially for the enjoyment of your children.

Loopdidoo is an animated children’s show about Loopdidoo, a crazy and fun loving dog with a five year old best friend and owner, a girl named Petunia.  They seek to find huge adventures all over the place.  And, especially with Loopdidoo as a part of things, they find adventures everywhere they turn.  The episodes included in this DVD are Wet Paint, Chef’s Surprise, The Party, A Smokin’ Idea, The End Of The World, Grumble-Bee, Spring Cleaning, Just What The Doctor Ordered, The Crazy Kite, High And Dry, No Swimming, Nonsense Network, and A Very Dangerous Cake.

The special features included in this DVD are a fantastic show, great animation, and an incredible time for your children.

This show is based on the very popular series of children’s comic books, Grabouillon by Alex Nesme.  Some parts of it were certainly changed, but the show is coming from good stock in that respect.  This really is an enjoyable show with lots of fun and ever important values being taught throughout.  Your kids really will enjoy this.

Loopdidoo is a great pal for Petunia and an even better pal for your children.

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of the PorchLight Entertainment company.  Founded in 1995, they specialize in bringing family friendly media to the big screen, the silver screen, and your home screen whenever you want.  They have shows with are currently on Animania, PBS, Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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