Lil' Bush: Resident of United States - Season Two

Last weekend, I went and watched Oliver Stone’s new epic look at Bush’s presidency.  It is a far more gentle and human film than I anticipated, but remains wholly enjoyable.  If there is one fault I could find with that film, it would be that I already knew most of the zany plans and infighting that made the Bush Administration what it was.  We planned to paint a plane with UN colors and get Saddam to shoot it down?  Knew it.  Dick Cheney is the devil?  Old news.  Nonetheless, a deeper and more satirical look at Bush and his pals is always welcome.  Now there is a new opportunity to take that deeper look.

Starting this October 14th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the second season of the horrid misadventures of Baby Bush.  Lil’ Bush – Season Two – Staying The Course is ready to shoot its way out of your television screen and force you to enjoy it, even if it takes enhanced interrogation techniques.  Bring home this poignant farce today!

In what ends up being a dizzying plot device, H.W. Bush is president and George and all his political allies and rivals are little kids.  Not only that, but the show takes place today.  It’s hard to maintain a cohesive view of what’s happening in these shows, but it’s still gloriously fun.  There are “Lil’” versions of Bush, Rummy, Condi, Cheney, McCain, Hillary, Bill, Obama, Michael Moore and a whole bunch of others.  The adventures they get into are pretty predictable.  They are usually little more than a quick recycling of actual neo-con talking points and hatreds.

The special features included in this 2-disc set are a music video of Lil’ Bush and his Lil’ Cronies, customer animated shorts and animatics and even some optional audio commentaries on individual episodes.

My view on this show is that they attempted to make South Park, except with the president.  It’s not as good as that seminal show, but there are moments of brilliance.  My favorite moment still comes from the first season where they brainwash Lil’ John McCain and his straight talk until he sounds just like Lil’ Bush.  With what we’re seeing now from George McGovern 2.0 and J. Danforth Quayle 2.0, that was awfully prescient.  This show is sometimes funny and sometimes goes for a cheap laugh instead of staying power, but it’s like a dead German.  That makes it a good German.

Get Bush-whacked with this new DVD.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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