Shows or movies about espionage are great.  We all have secrets, but not many of them are near as interesting or clean as those we can see on television.  People might get hurt, but we can always change the channel, an option we regrettably do not carry over to real life.  Now there’s a show about discovering secrets and using them for good and the first season is ready for you right now on DVD.

Starting this July 14th, now available as a DVD boxed set from Electric Entertainment and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the first season of an exciting and involving new drama from TNT.  Leverage – The First Season is ready to come right out of your television screen and fill your living room with harrowing tales of industrial espionage and morally flexible characters.  Bring home this wonderful new television show today!

Nate Ford used to be an insurance investigator, working as the chief fraud and theft man for one of the biggest insurance companies around.  He came to know most of the major players in the international theft market and was the best in the business.  But then the insurance company decided not to cover the cancer treatment for his dying son.  Now Nate is a drunk with no wife and a dead child on his mind.  Someone sets him up with a job supervising some of the best thieves in the world to steal back some intellectual property, but it ends up being a scam.  Now Ford and his team of bandits are out to bring down the bad men and provide leverage for the small people of the world.  And make some great money along the way.  This series stars Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a great look behind the scenes of this show, a featurette about creating some of the fight scenes in this series, a look at the camera work for the show, a featurette about this show getting renewed, a look at deleted scenes and a hilarious featurette about Beth Riesgraf’s impersonations of a terrible actress.

I’ve been seeing ads for this series for a long time now and had not bothered to check it out before I got the first season on DVD.  I like Timothy Hutton a lot and have really enjoyed all of the other main actors in this series as well.  I found this series to be very enjoyable and certainly comparable to The A-Team, one of the best television shows ever made about vigilantism.  Timothy Hutton is great in this role and everyone does a magnificent job in their own roles.  They aren’t exactly the archetypal anti-heroes, but they do bring in that fight the establishment vibe quite well.  The only thing is that, even when they are supposed to be these thieves and killers and all sorts of wicked people, albeit with hearts of gold, everything is still just so clean and neat.  Maybe I’ve grown too accustomed to the moral vacancies of shows on AMC and HBO and Showtime, but these criminals just don’t seem to be anything even close to evil.  But who says that’s such a bad thing anyway?

Enjoy your new Leverage today!

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