I have never been to New Orleans and I’m not a fan of humidity, so I don’t know if I’ll ever go there.  But it is one of the bastions of jazz and so I would like to visit it for that reason.  Of course, I don’t particularly like New Orleans jazz, but that’s because I feel their current jazz tradition is far too heavily influenced by the presence of zydeco, but that’s not something I’m going to get into.  That’s a discussion far too deep and too heated for this.  But there’s something else from New Orleans that’s certainly worth taking a look at.  Don’t know what I’m referring to?  Pick up this great new film on DVD and you’ll have it in your hands.

Starting this May 19th, now available on DVD from Discover Productions, Dog & Rooster Productions and MGM Studios Home Entertainment comes the magical story of an unusual creature, his new friends and their quest to save his home.  Labou is ready to jump right out of the television screen and right into your heart through this exciting, entertaining and heart-warming story.  Bring home this great independent film today!

Many years ago, the pirate Captain LeRouge lost his ship loaded down with treasures somewhere in the Louisiana bayou.  Three friends set out to find it, but instead discover a magical whistling creature named Labou.  His whistles are supposed to have formed the basis for jazz.  With Labou, they are after the treasure once more, but the find his ghost and discover that some evil oil tycoons are after the bayou for more sinister reasons.  Now the race is on to find the treasure and save the bayou before it’s too late!  This movie stars Bryan James Kitto, Darnell J. Hamilton, Marissa Cuevas, Ray Nagin, Ellis Marsalis and Chris Violette.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary from director Greg Aronowitz, producer Sheri Bryant and actor Chris Violette, a featurette about the making of this movie, a look at how they chose which actors to play which parts, a featurette about making the creature, a deeper look at the music in the film, a look at all of the great special effects and a featurette about points of interest inside of the city of New Orleans.

I wasn’t positive when I first saw him, but by the second time he showed up on screen, I knew that the mayor of New Orleans was being played by none other than the real mayor, Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin.  But the first time I saw Ellis Marsalis, I knew it was him, because he is a fantastic jazz musician and because he’s the father of Wynton Marsalis, my favorite jazz musician who is still alive and the best jazz trumpet of all time.  Since Wynton is very vocal as being a supporter of New Orleans, it was a little strange to not see him in the film.  Also, if it looked like there were a lot of actors in this movie from one of the most recent Power Rangers series, than you would be correct.  Some quick Internet work told me that the director of this movie also directed that season of Power Rangers and evidently brought a lot of actors with him.  Cool information about the actors aside, this movie was a delightful surprise and is certainly worth being watched.  It’s a charming little story about a magical creature, a lost treasure and three friends who want to do the right thing.  This is the perfect family film.

Let Labou be a part of your life today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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