Comedy Central's Kenny vs. Spenny: Volume One - Uncensored

I have two roommates and we don’t really compete that much.  Maybe as far as who can cook a better dinner or get more cleaning done or something like that, but not really.  We do play darts and poker and video games, sometimes even chess, but those are just ways of relaxing, not trying to show each other up.  But if we were competitive about all sorts of things, I think that holds the potential to actually be pretty sweet.  Especially after watching this show.

Starting this August 12th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the first volume of hilarious episodes and really good friends.  Kenny vs. Spenny – Volume One – Uncensored is ready to spill out of the television screen and into your living room whenever the urge for some intense roommate competition strikes you.  Bring home this outrageous comedy show today!

Produced by Matt and Tre of South Park fame, this show features real life best friends and roommates Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice as they compete against each other in outrageous stunts.  There are no holds barred as they see who can make the biggest fart, who can eat the most meat, who can commit the most crimes, who can be obese the longest, who can take the most torture, who can go the longest without getting a stain and many other hilarious adventures.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are completely uncensored episodes, optional audio commentaries, Kenny answering some fan mail, Kenny and Spenny talking about their past competitions, a hot mix, them on the streets, competition to pick the biggest booger, Spenny taking his goat to the vet, Kenny playing dress up with his goat, and bonus scenes from the obese competition and the viral video competition, including all of the viral videos which were created.

I found this show surprisingly amusing.  Some of the competitions were downright hilarious in and of themselves, such as the one where they competed to see who could have a goat tied to themselves longer.  Yet the funniest parts of the whole show come from the interactions between Kenny and Spenny themselves.  Kenny plays loose and fast with the rules and doesn’t care whatsoever.  He will do anything to win and is downright outrageous.  Spenny, on the other hand, is the straight man.  He believes in the rules and will take a stand on principle.  Seeing him sputtering in the face of injustice never gets old.  One of the funniest parts of the whole series is the episode where Kenny tries to convince Spenny that Spenny is, in fact, a homosexual.  Seeing Spenny try to defend himself against that without coming off as homophobic is comic genius.  I recommend this DVD boxed set, but only if you’re prepared for some off color remarks and compromising situations.

When it’s Kenny vs. Spenny, we all win.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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