With the advent of powerful personal computers almost 30 years ago, the world of animation was changed irrevocably.  Instead of being drawn in cells, it can now be done wholly on a computer, opening up whole new worlds of animation possibilities.  One of those monumental changes was the creation of three-dimensional animation.  Now there is a new film out featuring some fantastic three-dimensional animation.

Starting this October 14th, now available on DVD for the first time ever from PorchLight Home Entertainment comes the story of a magical world and all the friends you’ll find inside of it.  Katakune is ready to burst out of your television screen and show you a world of fun and glorious adventure.  Bring home this instant classic today!

Katakune is seven year old silkworm who lives in a magical and wonderful world named Tazzleland.  He has a whole bunch of friends, they learn important lessons about life, they go on incredible adventures and find out about the wonderful world all around them.  This is a magical world which any child would be delighted to be a part of.

The only special feature that this film boasts is that it is presented in a widescreen format of 16 X 9, which is the best possibly way to experience this movie presentation.

This animation is simply nothing less than delightful.  It is cute and a combination of the greatest parts of Japanime.  There are some very good lessons which are taught in this film, including the importance of making friends, taking responsibility, being safe and being a kind person.  I recommend this film to anyone with young kids because this film is wholly enjoyable.

Make Katakune your new best friend today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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