I always enjoy those conversations where you sit around and talk about what superpower would be the best to have.  Only perverts choose invisibility and everyone else ends up choosing flight.  I’m not sure what I would choose, but there’s a new movie out which certainly makes the case for a different choice.

Starting this June 10th, now available on DVD from 20th Century Fox comes the latest vision of fantastic powers and a struggle between good and evil.  Jumper leaps into your home entertainment system with a vengeance.  Bring home this tale of science and magic today!
Hayden Christiansen stars as a Jumper, someone who is able to teleport through space.  He discovers this at an early age after nearly drowning trying to be nice to Rachel Bilson’s character.  He then runs away from home and takes to robbing banks with his jumping ability.  But there are a group of people, Paladins, led by Samuel L. Jackson, who are doing their best to destroy the Jumpers, based mainly on some strange religious motivation.  So Hayden grabs Rachel and they go on a tour of the world and discover another Jumper.  Then plans get complex and the Paladins start their trail of destruction.  What happens next might be exciting, but due to poor acting and worse writing, it’s a lackluster snooze fest.

The special features included in this DVD are a look at the making of the film, a look into the book which created the idea for the movie, and a selection of trailers.

Hayden Christiansen is a terrible actor.  Samuel L. Jackson is a sort of film slut, just giving it up to whatever script comes along.  Does the man even have an agent?  If so, what are the guidelines for the roles he will or will not accept?  Rachel Bilson is not that attractive and certainly isn’t a good actor.  The other Jumper smashingly outshines every other performer, but even he can’t save this cinematic Titanic from going down.  It could have been an incredible movie.  The writing was awful.  They took what certainly looked like a great idea and destroyed it with the insertion of a love story.  It was like Pearl Harbor all over again.  The worst part is that this film would have benefited from having Michael Bay at the helm.

Not even the police should try to save this Jumper.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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