Evidently, the Jonas Brothers are now one of the hottest bands out there, especially among young teenage and pre-teen girls.  Also, probably a lot of those lonely single mothers or old maids as well.  I don’t understand the sex appeal of the Jonas Brothers.  To me, they look like prancing Mormon muppets, not anything a girl would be attracted to.  But above and beyond that, the Jonas Brothers are very vocal in their choice to wait until marriage to have sex.  Cool.  Now you can bring home their first motion picture, albeit a concert film, in a brand new format!

Starting this June 30th, now available on a three disc Blu-ray Disc set from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the motion picture debut of everyone’s favorite band who revel in being good boys and wear their purity rings from Tiffanys.  Jonas Brothers – The 3D Concert Experience – Deluxe Extended Movie – Blu-ray Disc is ready to blast right out of your television screen and bring this concert experience and an overwhelming amount of special features into your living room.  Bring home this overloaded homage to musical mediocrity today in three dimensions!

Basically, this movie is footage from a concert that the Jonas Brothers had.  They plan many of their popular songs and have some famous people swing by.  Occasionally we get a look behind the scenes, but it’s mainly just singing and playing some music.  This movie stars the Jonas Brothers, which consists of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato and was directed by Bruce Hendricks.

This three disc set is complete loaded down with special features.  It includes a digital copy of the film for your portable media devices, a DVD of the entire movie in the normal two dimensions, a Blu-ray Disc of the concert in three dimensions and four pairs of 3-D glasses, several songs not played in the theatrical version of the movie, two additional bonus songs and an up close and personal look at the lives of the Jonas Brothers while they’re on their tour.

Now, from the perspective of a true fan of the Jonas Brothers, nothing could possibly be more delightful than this three disc set.  There are more songs than the theatrical version has, there are even more bonus songs and you can watch it with your cool 3-D glasses and feel like those three attractive boys are in your living room.  It’s a concert experience like you could only imagine.  As for me, I am not a fan.  Not in the least.  The music of the Jonas Brothers is some of the worst that is out there.  Not only that, but they are one more example of how Disney just exploits people and uses them to draw in naive preteens.  In order to overcome the issue of sex, Disney has the Jonas Brothers talk about sex all the time in how they aren’t doing it.  It is similar to me countering a culture pervaded by cocaine abuse that I wouldn’t use coke until I was 30 and then sing songs about how great it’s going to be to finally be 30.  Just watch the South Park episode about the Jonas Brothers.  Matt and Tre handle this topic so much better than I can.

This Experience should be had by only the most hardcore fans.

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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