Terrifying Times

Political humor is wonderful.  It’s like punditry, but more bitingly hilarious.  Simply put, it’s not acceptable to come out and say that those who disagree with you are idiots.  Yet if you can express that idea in a joke, you’re golden.  Now there is a new DVD out which takes a look at political humor and just how funny it can be.

Starting this August 19th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the next level of funny from a comedy staple.  John Oliver – Terrifying Times – Extended And Uncensored is now ready to transport your living room into the world of British stand-up comedy and political satire.  Bring home this triumphant hilarity today!

John Oliver first appeared to us here in America as a guest commentator on The Daily Show, a role he continues to fill with great wit and hilarity.  In this stand up presentation of his, he expands on that initial role.  He riffs on fair trade and how instead we should be punishing unfair trade.  He talks about how news makes it so he can’t cry unless there’s a power ballad involved and demonstrates that phenomenon on a George W. Bush speech.  We hear about his childhood and see a pretty funny interview with “professor” Andy Saltzman.

The special features included in this DVD are a collection of segments John Oliver did with The Daily Show, a radio show he did, and several other segments as well.  There are some generic things from Comedy Central on the DVD and a completely funny DVD menu which took a long time to watch all the way through to the loop, but was well worth it.

I really did have high hopes for this DVD.  In this political climate, making a political joke is like shooting corrupt fish in a barrel of oil.  You’re bound to vitally wound something with every shot.  John Oliver failed to develop a rapport with this audience, so his jokes fell flat.  I was disappointed in that he failed to really meet his potential.  Maybe this speaks to how highly developed those fake news shows are for our short attention spans when a hilarious anchor can’t expand on that ability.  If you are already a fan of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, this might be the DVD for you.  That notwithstanding, the whole show does play out like one poorly written segment on either of those shows.  I cannot recommend this film with my whole left-leaning heart.  There are hilarious moments, but it’s just life jackets floating up from the Titanic, not anything significant.

It’s okay, but not Terrifyingly so.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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