Hong Kong movies are at it again with their mix of skinny Asian men, high-flying martial arts, great fight scenes and lots of explosions!  If the amount of plate glass which was shattered in this film is indicative of anything, the piles of shards in the Central district are two feet deep.  See for yourself!

Starting this June 10th, now available on DVD from The Weinstein Company Home Entertainment and Genius Products comes the latest film in the Dragon Dynasty collection.  Invisible Target is ready to smash its way through your television screen and explode into the living room.  Bring home this action-filled martial arts romp today!

This film is the story of three police officers – one a veteran who is at the top of his game, another is a jaded and deadly detective who was on the way up before his fiancé was killed in a robbery explosion, and the perfect cop, always courteous and professional, someone who believes in the mission of the police but still remains nothing but a beat cop.  A gang of criminals comes back to Hong Kong and starts to wreak havoc.  It turns out that they are the ones who killed the cop’s fiancé and now there is a blood feud going on.  Fight after fight breaks out, all leading up to an exciting and emotional conclusion at the police station.

The special features included in this Dragon Dynasty presentation are an optional audio commentary from Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue, Andy On, and Bey Logan, a featurette about the making of the film, a gallery of trailers, a selection of deleted scenes, a featurette about making the action sequences, a look at the storyboards for the film, the gala premiere, and exclusive interviews with director Benny Chan, star Jaycee Chan, star Shawn Yue, villain Jacky Wu Jing, co-star Philip Ng, co-star Vincent Size, co-star Andy On.

This film was surprisingly emotional.  There are a great many themes which are not often found in these beat-‘em-up films.  There is a brother who went missing and ends up dead, a dead fiancé, a cop who believes in the good of a criminal who is trying to kill him, the startling emotional connection of that criminal to the police officer.  It was an unusual twist and a very welcome change.  The fight scenes are incredible, with some great jumps and incredible falls.  I was very impressed with this film.  This is the best Dragon Dynasty film I’ve seen yet.

This film is never Invisible, it is nothing but in-your-face fun.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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