The Reef

I don’t know how to scuba diva.  I don’t even own a wet suit, the main reason I had to postpone my plans for participating in some sprint triathlons this year.  My brother learned how from the Boy Scouts and he’s one of the few people I know who is dive certified.  I wish I could, but I never go anywhere worth diving, so instead I watch movies like this, now ready for you on DVD.

Starting this April 21st, now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the sequel all about treasures and murder hidden deep under the ocean.  Into The Blue 2 – The Reef – Unrated is ready to motor right out of your living room and bring a world of water and intrigue into your living room while you stay dry the whole time.  Bring home this interesting sequel today!

Sebastian and Dani are a couple of lovers who also happen to run scuba dive tours in Hawaii as they search for a mythical sunken ship.  They manage to pay the bills, but Sebastian has a dream of making a lot of money and building his dream boat.  Then they happen upon a couple of tourists who want to try and find that same ship.  They wine and dine Sebastian and Dani as he grows more entranced and she feels more wary.  But then things get complicated no one is sure who’s actually looking for what.  Then it gets really interesting.  This movie stars David Anders, Laura Vandervoort, Chris Carmack, Marsha Thomason and several other no-names.

The special features included in this DVD are the fact that it is unrated, two featurettes about the making of the movie and a music video of “Back To The Beach.”

Just to get this out of the way, the only things that make this version unrated are two gratuitous topless scenes, so it’s not really a game changer here.  The fact that Laura Vandervoort wears a swimsuit in nearly every scene is simply one of the most magical things in film for the last few months.  As for the choice of Chris Carmack for the male lead, it was a bad one, because I was rooting for him to be killed, simply because he just looks like such a douche.  I liked David Anders on Heroes, so it was nice to see him again.  For the most part, with the painful exception of the lack of Jessica Alba in a swimsuit, I would say that this movie is better than the first one.  The characters are slightly more nuanced and the underwater scenes are fantastic ones.  There is the tiniest bit of moral complexity in some of the situations and even some of the characters.  Then the movie gets to the part where they pander to all the mindless that happened to buy this movie – nothing but a good ten minute swath of eating barbeque, playing volleyball, flirting, dancing, wet t-shirts, all of which ends up having nothing to do with the plot at all.  Oh well.  When in Hawaii, put random junk in movies.  I guess.

If you’re feeling Blue, the swimsuit scenes here will lift your spirits.

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