Personally I really didn’t have too many gripes about it other than the length. I remember the good old days when the soundtrack was played at a reasonable volume, if the movie was boring, you could take a nap. You can’t do that anymore, everything is played at a volume akin to a Motley Crue gig. I can only assume that this is for the benefit of regular patrons that are losing their hearing because of being regular patrons.

Anyway, I got a delightful review of the movie Interstellar yesterday, my friend saved his hearing by watching it at home.

Last night, Ashley and I finally watched Interstellar.   When the film ended, I turned to Ashley and said, “The movie was so long my butt now has Alzheimer’s.” 

It was like watching The Right Stuff sodomize 2001: A Space Odyssey with the help of Disney’s Black Hole.  The Nolan brothers threw a little Einstein in a bowl and stirred it up with Carl Sagan and ended up on a opium-driven, doomsday plot.  I was jealous.  It is obvious to me that the Nolan brothers get better weed than I could ever dream about.

I rather like his review. It is short and to the point. Science Fiction is a tough genre to pull off well. The basic concept of Interstellar is hard to grasp. The science is OK, but the plot is stupid.

Simon Barrett

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