I like my dad a lot.  It has been interesting over the years to see our relationship grow into friendship.  The adventures we embark on now are much more fun, because we are equal contributors and it’s not so much one of us leading the other.  That fact led to me a new realization about one of my sister’s favorite movies.

Starting this May 15th, now available in a special edition collector’s DVD boxed set from Paramount Pictures and Lucasfilm Limited comes the first chapter in one of the greatest adventure stories of all time.  Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade is ready to bring home.  Relive one of those important stories which still gets your blood pumping after all these years.  Introduce your children to a hero they will grow to love nearly as much as you used to.

Now for the third movie of this incredible trilogy.  If you don’t know what it’s about, you might try a dash of culture in your life.  The movie is about Indiana Jones and his father and lots and lots of Nazis.  Even Hitler himself is in the movie.  The Nazis are off looking for the Holy Grail and they kidnap Indy’s father, the premiere expert in the Grail.  Indy goes off on some adventures, falls in and out of love with a Nazi, and tries landing a plane.  This is a film to remember.

The special features included in this special edition collector’s DVD boxed set are a new introduction to the film from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, a featurette about each of the women Indy takes along in every film, a look at all the different locations friends and enemies of Indiana Jones, the storyboards from the opening scene of this film, selected photo galleries and a game demo for the Lego Indiana Jones Original Adventures video game.

I used to not like this movie.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m pretty sure that I thought the whole Sean Connery as Indy’s father thing was just a gimmick.  But, now that I have some years of separation between my family and I, I am much more able to appreciate the interactions between the two of them.  This is now my favorite film out of the trilogy.  The jokes are wonderful, the story is compelling, and it is, as usual, a complete trip to keep up with these Joneses.

This Last Crusade is a daring and wonderful adventure which you will enjoy for years to come.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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