We all have fantasies about unique ways that great sums of money could enter into our lives.  The young heiress is bored of hooking up with good looking and interesting guys, so she decides to spend the rest of her life with me.  I help an old lady cross the street and she ends up being Bill Gates’ mother.  A rich gay man offers me millions for one night, no questions asked.  That last one will spark a good hour of conversation at any party, guaranteed.  It’s a modern classic.  Now the movie that famously asked a variation of that question is ready for you in a whole new format!

Starting this June 9th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Paramount Studios comes the delightful and moving tale from director Adrian Lyne about love, attraction and the limits of a true relationship.  Indecent Proposal – Blu-ray Disc is ready to slouch out of your television screen and bring a high-definition look at the twists and turns of the relationship between money and faithfulness into your living room for you to examine at will.  Bring home this wonderful classic today!

Diana and David Murphy are young and completely in love.  The problem is that they are also completely broke and are gambling on a trip to Las Vegas to put some quick winnings in their pockets.  While there, they meet billionaire John Gage who has an interesting proposition for them.  If they will agree to allow him to spend one night with Diana, no questions asked and no boundaries, then he will give the two of them one million dollars.  After much disagreement, they decide it’s worth it and take the million.  But it ends up driving them apart and driving Diana and John together.  Will David be able to save what he loves the most?  This movie stars Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Oliver Platt, Seymour Cassel, Billy Bob Thornton, Rip Taylor and Herbie Hancock and was directed by Adrian Lyne.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a wide range of audio choices, a wealth of subtitles and an optional audio commentary on the film from director Adrian Lyne.

I think this is a pretty good movie and it’s great to see that it has finally made the leap to Blu-ray.  It’s better in high definition, as is nearly anything.  I like this movie because it has Robert Redford in it and he is nothing short of amazing.  He’s so evil in this movie, the type of evil that just sinks in yet still has so many redeemable characteristics to it.  Woody Harrelson simply is not a believable actor in any actor.  I want to like him because he seems like a fantastic guy, but his acting just leaves me feeling cold.  Yet the biggest reason to love this movie, besides the incredible story and a plot line which has been copied greatly, is the fact that Herbie Hancock is in it.  How is that a fact that doesn’t make the cover of the movie?  One of the greatest jazz musicians of our time, or even all time, is in this movie and that makes it something you cannot miss.

There’s nothing Indecent about loving this classic film!

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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