I was not surprised when Fox first said that they would be making several sequels to the original movie in this series.  It was a truly delightful movie and they have done a great job of keeping each new movie exciting.  They do this through making each individual story compelling and by introducing new characters while still not drifting too far away from the core that made the first movie so great.  Now the latest movie in this series is ready for you to bring home on high definition today!

Starting this October 27th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the third chapter in the continuing story of our favorite group of mammals struggling to make it through the Ice Age and become the dominant form of life on Earth.  Ice Age – Dawn Of The Dinosaurs – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come tumbling out of your television screen and show your living room a whole new and hilarious way to look at life.  Bring home the latest from this great series today!

The whole gang from the previous movies is back in a brand new adventure.  Manny, Sid and the rest of the herd stumble upon a lost world made up of dinosaurs that just happen to be really funny.  Sid gets on the wrong side of a particularly cranky T. Rex who will now do all he can to bring about his revenge.  Then Scrat might be falling in love, but could it all be a ploy to steal his acorn?  You’ll see that, and so much more, in this brand new film adventure.

This three disc set is absolutely filled to the brim with special features.  It includes a Blu-ray Disc of the movie, a DVD of the movie and a digital copy of the film for your portable media players.  Then there are the special features themselves.  There is an optional audio commentary, a storybook maker, a featurette about the evolution expedition, a look at the drawing and casting of Buck the weasel, a look at the look of this world, some unfinished deleted scenes, a new music video, a featurette about the making of two different scenes, a look at voice acting with John Leguizamo, Ray Romano and Queen Latifah, the entire Scrat Pack collection of short films and some great BD Live features as well.

This movie is wonderful and you will enjoy it if you liked either of the films that came before it.  The characters are just as fun and there are those great witty lines that you simply can’t help but laugh at.  There are a whole bunch of important lessons about friendship and trust that are taught by this film, but the main thing is that it’s just a whole lot of fun, no doubt about it.  The one thing I don’t get is how it can be called the dawn of the dinosaurs, when the Ice Ages were the last gasp of giant reptiles, if in fact they even made it far.  That evolutionary point aside, this movie is perfect and you will love it even more in high definition.

Don’t let another Dawn find you without this great new film!

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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