How'd They Build That ?...Fire Truck

I think that fire trucks are one of the coolest rescue vehicles out there.  They’re big and red and noisy and they help save lives.  Perhaps it’s the fact that fire itself is pretty sweet and so anything that deals with fire tends to be sweet simply by contact.  As a child, I used to go to every open house that our local fire department had.  I’d spray stuff with the fire hose, run all over the trucks and eat some cookies.  I never wanted to become a firefighter, I just thought that they were pretty awesome.  Now there’s a new chance to learn all about these great vehicles.

Starting this November 18th, now available on DVD from Marvelous Media comes the first film in an entertaining and educational series about how different vehicles are made.  How’d They Build That? – Fire Truck is ready to roar out of your television screen and teach your kids all about one of the coolest rescue vehicles out there.  Bring home this great film today!

We see or hear fire trucks nearly every day, but how much do we really know about them?  Now’s the chance to learn about them with this film that takes us on a tour of Seagrave Fire Apparatus.  That factory, the oldest in America, is located in Clintonville, Wisconsin, a small town in the middle of the state I used to have to drive through every holiday season.  This tour will show how the different types of fire engines are made, how they are designed and just how much work goes into each spectacular engine. 

As far as special features go, this film was shot in High Definition and also contains four bonus five minute previews of other exciting vehicle movies.

This film was genuinely interesting.  The quality was on the level of something you’d seen on the History Channel, only it was even more detailed and interesting.  I was captivated by this film and if you happen to have a child who is enraptured by fire trucks, they will be nothing less than carried away by this movie.  I recommend it without hesitation as it is both interesting and incredible informative.

Light a Fire and go out and get this movie.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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