How'd They Build That?...Big Truck

When I had just started driving, one of the scariest parts was driving next to a semi-truck or something else that big.  The scariest part was that all my other friends were driving too.  That’s terrifying.  Now it’s more interesting than anything to see those beasts of the road blow past me, but it’s still incredible just how large they are.  Now there’s a new film out which takes a deeper look at those huge trucks.

Starting this November 18th, now available on DVD from Marvelous Media comes an exciting film about some of the real monsters of the road.  How’d They Build That? – Big Truck is ready to roar out of your television screen and bring a whole world of fun and education into your living room.  Bring home this captivating film today!

Semis, tanker trucks, lift trucks and flatbed trucks have become a normal part of our lives.  But how much do we really know about them?  This film sets out to address than gap of knowledge in a way that kids will appreciate and enjoy.  We take a tour to Navistar’s International Truck Assembly plant located in Springfield, Ohio.  They are one of the largest manufacturers of these big trucks and we get to watch the whole process.  We see all the robots which cut out pieces and put them together and weld everything and do incredible things we never knew robots could.  We see all sorts of different types of trucks and even get to sit inside some of them.

As far as special features go, this film was shot in High Definition and also contains four bonus five minute previews of other exciting vehicle movies.

This movie was incredible.  The production value would be at home on the Discovery Channel or even the History Channel.  It’s amazing how the film is able to be so informative (even I learned a whole lot) and to stay very entertaining.  The use of 3D animation and a more personal look at the trucks certainly only helps that.  I was blown away with the detail and depth of this film and your kids will love it.  I recommend this movie without a second thought.

Bring this film home for Big fun!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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