How'd They Build That? School Bus

I spent whole swaths of my childhood on a school bus.  It took me over an hour and a half to get home on that yellow harbinger of doom.  Then in high school, I would have to ride them for band trips and tennis games and football games.  Come college and beyond, I have not stepped foot in another school bus and it is a solemn goal to never do so again.  Those yellow dogs stole my childhood and now you can learn a whole lot more about them as well from something on DVD right now.

Starting this February 24th, now available on DVD from Marvelous Media comes an exciting and informative film about those gentle yellow giants which rule the roads.  How’d They Build That? – School Bus is ready to come rolling out of your television screen and spew diesel smelling clouds of fun and education into your entire living room.  Bring home this exciting film today!

Who knows how school buses are made?  You will, once you watch this movie.  Take a trip to the IC School Bus Factory located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and see the birth of a whole fleet of yellow child carriers.  It turns out that this factory creates the vast majority of school buses used in North America.  Through the use of live-action footage and animated sequences, you will see the entire assembly line.  It’s all in one building and it’s over one mile long!  And that’s just the beginning of all the fascinating things you’ll learn.  For instance, it’s the law the school buses are the only vehicles on the road which can be that color.  Who knew?  You do!

The special features included in this DVD are the fact that this entire film was shot in high definition and it also contains four exciting five minute previews of other films about vehicles.

I learned a bunch about school buses watching this movie.  It was very entertainment and certainly informative as well.  It being shot in high definition makes a huge difference and that’s very noticeable.  I prefer to think of this series as being similar to something you might see on the History Channel, except that it’s made for the enjoyment of the children and it’s even a little bit better than the History Channel itself.  This movie will not make it more fun to ride a school bus and it certainly does nothing to explain why the kid who ends up sitting next to you inevitably smells like pee, but it will teach you a whole lot more than you ever thought existed about school buses.

This movie is a whole Busload of fun!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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