How'd They Build That? Concrete Truck

My dad built concrete silos and poured basements when he was younger than I am.  I’ve seen some of them and it’s crazy to think of that happening.  I packed glass to put myself through college, although the size of my loan payments each month belies any effectiveness on my part.  A lot of people have those jobs they take because they need them and the jobs become almost mystical when looking back on our past.  There’s no movie about glass trucks, but there is one about concrete trucks and it’s ready on DVD now.

Starting this February 24th, now available on DVD from Marvelous Media comes the definitive story about those spinning trucks that carry the concrete all over the place.  How’d They Build That? – Concrete Truck is ready to spin into your living room and show you a whole educational and fascinating world of liquid rocks and huge vehicles.  Bring home this informative and wholly enjoyable film today!

Concrete trucks are everywhere, especially if you live in a suburb where lots of expansion is going on.  It’s huge and it drives around and carries a huge drum which spins to keep the concrete from getting hard too soon.  Combining live action sequences with extensive animations, this movie takes an inside look at these spinning trucks.  Learn how they were made when you take a visit to their birthplace at the McNeilus Concrete Truck factory in Dodge Center, Minnesota.  You see the truck build from the very beginning all the way until it gets filled up with concrete and sticks it in a hole in the ground.  It’s a fantastic voyage!

The special features included in this DVD are the fact that this entire film was shot in high definition and it also contains four exciting five minute previews of other films about vehicles.

I had reviewed two other discs from this growing series of motor-driven informative DVDs and was impressed by the two I saw.  I continue to be impressed as this movie is just as good as the others.  Who knew a smelly, diesel-powered truck that spins could be so fascinating?  Maybe it’s the inner nerd that loves this stuff, but it is genuinely interesting how big these trucks are and how much concrete they can carry.  I especially liked the concrete trucks which are able to be driven from under the barrel itself, so instead of having to back up, from the perspective of the driver, it is going forwards.  That’s geek-tastic!  But in all seriousness, this is something both you and your children would be able to watch and enjoy and learn a whole lot.

The fun keeps on Trucking with this fascinating DVD!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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