The six television shows that are included in this DVD are some of the best out there when it comes to children’s television.  My personal favorite is none other than Thomas and all of his tank engine friends.  With winter fast approaching (at least where I live), your children are going to be indoors a whole lot more and they are going to need something to keep them occupied.  Now you can bring home a DVD that will really help keep them out of your hair.

Starting this October 6th, now available on DVD from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate Productions comes the next great holiday themed collection of television episodes from some of the best children’s television shows out there.  HIT Favorites – Frosty Friends is ready to come rolling out of your television screen and catapult your living room into a world of wintry and magical adventures.  Bring home this great new DVD episode collection today!

This DVD contains five great episodes from five of the best television shows out there made specifically for your children to enjoy.  Percy gets a brand new whistle and has a lot of fun with Thomas, Barney helps your kids to learn all about the real meaning of Christmas, Bob the Builder and his entire Can-Do Crew will build a snowman, Pingu plays some really funny tricks on his friends and Kipper gets to have some real fun going sledding.  These five adventures come together to help your children have some of the most fun they will have in front of a television screen this holiday season.

The special features included in this DVD consist solely of a bonus episode of Fifi And The Flowertots, “Doctor Webby.”

As I’m sure everyone has expected, this collection of five episodes is a complete delight.  My favorite episode is the one from Thomas and his pals on the Island of Sodor.  That is predictable because I love that show more than any other show on this DVD.  The best part about this entire DVD is that all of the episodes are completely fantastic.  Normally there might be a few episodes that are weaker than the others, but this whole DVD is strong all the way through.  Now you can bring it home and experience the holidays in a whole new way!

Your kids and their Friends will love this great new collection of television episodes.

HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets.

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