I am not a big fan of Halloween.  I never have any good costumes and the parties I go to are lame every single year.  It’s a made-up holiday all about spending money on refined sugar products you don’t need and then eating far too many of the aforementioned refined sugar products.  But, as a child, it was a completely magical holiday.  You dress up as cool things and go door to door and get all sorts of cool candy.  Now there is a new DVD that will capture that incredible feeling again and it’s ready for you to bring home today!

Starting this September 1st, now available on DVD from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate Productions comes a best-of collection of episodes from some of the best television shows in children’s entertainment out there today.  HIT Entertainment – Trick Or Treat Tales is ready to come sneaking out of your television screen and present you with the greatest treat of all time.  Bring home this great collection of episodes today!

The television shows included in this collection of episodes are Thomas & Friends, Barney, Bob The Builder, Fifi And The Flowertots and Angelina Ballerina.  In “Flour Power,” Thomas and all the other engines are forced to deal with a strange and ghostly adventure.  In “Guess Who?,” Barney helps us learn about what’s behind a costume.  In “Pirate Primrose,” Fifi helps us learn the same thing.  In “Trix’s Pumpkin Pie,” Bob and Spud become scarecrows in a literal sense.  In “The Costume Ball,” Angelina sneaks into a costume ball and a real adventure starts.

The special feature included in this DVD is a bonus episode of Fireman Sam, “Cat Magic.”  This additional episode only makes this great DVD even better.

Your kids want you to bring this DVD home, no doubt about it.  If they like even one of these shows, than they will love this entire collection of episodes.  My favorite one is, of course, the one starring Thomas and all of the trains, because that is my favorite show on this disc and maybe my favorite children’s show of all time.  Each of these episodes does much to capture the magic that is Halloween to young children.  Bring it home today and you will love exactly what you find.

This is one Treat you won’t want to skip.

HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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