America is in the middle of an obesity crisis.  We eat more than ever before, eat worse food than ever before, and spend less time doing physical activity than ever before.  Our children are getting fatter by the day.  We can change the food they are eating by making candy illegal at schools, changing the types of food we put in the vending machines, or making sure they take the healthier option at McDonalds.  But what kids really need is to get active.  And now, with the release of this new DVD, there is another magnificent tool in a parent’s arsenal to do just that.

Starting this March 11th, now available on DVD from Allumination FilmWorks, is the second volume of the hit show seen on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, Hip Hop Harry – Move Those Feet.  Pick up this wonderful live-action television show today and set your children on the path towards their better lives with the first episode!

This second disc in the Hip Hop Harry series contains three episodes.  The first of these episodes is “Fancy Footwork.”  In this episode, your children will learn about how important it is to have good sportsmanship and also to drink water.  The second of these episodes is “I Like To Move!”  In this episode, your children will learn some exciting new ways to move and also about rhyming words.  The third of these episodes is “You Can Dance!”  In this episode, your children will learn about dancing the hip hop way.

The special features included on this disc are lots of fun for you and your children, good exercise, and a wonderful way to learn and be creative together!

This show is great fun.  Not only that, but it is also obviously a high quality production, as it was recently nominate for an Emmy award in the category of Outstand Preschool Children’s Show.  Your kids will love this show and that loveable, huggable Hip Hop Harry.

Allumination FilmWorks, a wholly owned subsidy of ContentFilm PLC, is busy establishing themselves as an independent distributor of high quality films and television shows to media outlets of all sorts.

Hip Hop Harry will get your kids learning, moving, and, most of all, having fun!

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