Senior Year (Extended Edition)

I think we all wanted high school to be a glitzy affair.  We wanted to be important and listened to, to do interesting things and have people look up to us.  Inevitably we just learned a foreign language that we’ve forgotten by now and wasted our time in pointless classes.  And I think there’s an enjoyment in being able to look back and say high school sucked, which it always did.  We get to feel persecuted and that we have made something out of our terrible past.  But what if it was more like this new movie?

Starting this February 17th, now available as a two-disc set from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the conclusion of one of the musical and fun series of all time.  High School Musical 3 – Senior Year – Extended Edition is ready to blast right out of your television screen and dance straight into your heart.  Bring home this musical adventure today!

Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, Ryan and Taylor are back for one last chance at your hearts.  They are all a little upset that they’ll be so far apart, but the Wildcats did also just win the state basketball championships.  Now it’s time for the spring musical and no one wants to be in it, but they all end up in it anyway.  The musical ends up being about their lives in high school, which is a little creepy, but I suppose it works at East High.  Then, on the eve of the performance, Gabriella ends up leaving and Troy is stuck with one of the biggest decisions of his life.  What will happen next?

The special features included in this two disc set are an incredible collection.  The first disc contains an extended version of the film including additional scenes, a DisneyFile Digital Copy which will transfer a copy of this movie to any digital device you have, and a second disc which is loaded down with bonus features.  It has a selection of deleted scenes, a hilarious reel of bloopers from the film, a look at prom with the entire cast, a featurette about the female actors and their prom dresses, a sing-along and an emotional farewell from the actors to good old East High.

Aside from great, fun songs and some terribly attractive cast members, I think the main reason this franchise has been so successful is because of wish fulfillment.  Who didn’t want to win state in basketball and be dating the most popular girl in school or be considered for a scholarship to Juilliard?  Everyone is glamorous and good looking and even the kids which are supposed to be losers are way cooler than most people I knew in high school.  I found this movie to be very enjoyable, more so than the other two.  It was sad at times and you can honestly feel that sense of impending doom and uncertainty that at least twinges at you as you graduate.  I liked this movie and I guarantee you will too.

This movie will put the Music back in your heart.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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