High school.  It was a terrible time.  Studying, taking tests, having to put up with uninformed classmates spouting off opinions on everything from forgiving third world debt to whether or not we should have dropped the bomb on Japan.  In Menomonie High School, there wasn’t any singing or dancing, no spontaneous devolutions into a musical number.  But I didn’t go to East High.

And for all those who did not go to East High, but who wish they did, good news!  High School Musical 2 is now available on DVD!

Tag along with the East High Wildcats on their second musical adventure.  School is out for the summer and everyone is trying for the coolest summer job possible.  Troy, Gabriella, Chad, and Taylor have all landed jobs at the Lava Springs Country Club.  How did they pull off such a summer coupe?  Sharpay and Ryan’s family own the Club.  But the job comes with a cost beyond FICA withholdings, as Sharpay has made her summer job something a bit more special – getting Troy.  But will Troy give it all up just to be with Sharpay and live a life of privilege?

The special features on the High School Musical 2 DVD includes a rehearsal cam which shows the practices of the dance scenes next to the footage of the finished scenes.  There are also music videos and High School Karaoke, where you can sing the lead vocals with option lyrics on screen.  And, this is not just High School Musical 2, this is High School Musical 2: Extended Edition, which means that there is an exclusive music scene and a feature allowing you to sing along with the songs.

High School Musical 2 is a bit like when the nice popular kid gets voted homecoming king your senior year and you didn’t even make the ballot.  You’re mad and little bit disappointed, but the guy’s just so darn nice that you can’t help but like him.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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