I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed ballet.  The whole art of people moving in graceful ways fails to move me.  However, when I see a really well choreographed fight scene, particularly in a kung-fu movie, that is something which stands a much greater chance of leaving me amazed.  Now there is a new chance available for you to find that amazement in the martial arts.

Starting this May 27th, now available on DVD from The Weinstein Company Home Entertainment and Genius Products comes a legendary kung-fu film.  Heroes Of The East is ready for you to bring home and enjoy this timeless film whenever you feel like it.  Pick up this classic today!

The iconic kung-fun director Lau Kar-Leung helmed this classic Shaw Brothers film.  Gordon Liu of Kill Bill fame stars as a martial arts student from China who is having quite the time getting used to his Japanese wife.  Mistakes and misunderstandings abound, and a lovers tiff quickly turns into an international incident.  Now Gordon’s character has to fight and defeat seven masters, each the best in a different martial art.  Karate, ninjitsu, samurai – he must defeat them all.  What follows are a series of incredible and fun fights and a smash-bang ending.

The special features included in the Dragon Dynasty presentation of this film are an optional audio commentary on the film from Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan, a tribute to director Lau Kar-Leung, an exclusive interview with Gordon Liu, a gallery of trailers, and a stunning featurette exploring the differences between the ninja and the shaolin, the martial arts traditions of Japan and China.
This is a very fun film.  It’s a good story, it’s some wonderful fighting, and it’s a very exciting experience to take part in.  Gordon Liu is stunning in this role.  Enjoy this fantastic show.

This Hero is something special.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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