Sometimes you come across a movie that makes you scratch your head. Sometimes it makes you scratch your head so much, you wear through the first couple layers and accidentally touch that part of your brain that makes you like stupid stuff. Headhunter is one of those times.

I’ll warn you now. There’s probably going to be spoilers below. But…it’s kind of integral to the review. So consider your selves warned. Once I start to purge this one from my system, I’m not sure I can stop myself.

Headhunter tells the tale of young Ben Caruso (Ben Parillo). Ben is an insurance salesman and a bit fed up with all the hours for low pay. One night as he visits his rich client Doug (Mark Aiken) to have him sign some papers, they get down to some idle chit chat. “You know Ben, I like you. Surely you could be doing better than you are there at the insurance firm.” They chat back and forth and soon it comes out that Ben wishes he had more money, etc. etc. Turns out, Ben is in luck. Mark just happens to know a very talented headhunter and she just happens to work late! Giving Ben his lucky monster looking keychain he sends him off to meet with this mysterious late night headhunter Sarah Tierney (Kristi Clainos). Upon meeting they discuss Ben’s wants and needs, Sarah flashes her legs about a bit, and soon she’s off to meet with a client to discus Ben’s employment. From then on things start to look up for Ben briefly, but as he starts his first night at the new job things begin to turn strange and it’s all down hill from there.

This is a hard flick to review. The plot is muddled and jumps around a bit and generally fails to fit together. Some plot points come completely out of left field (hence the head scratching) and fail to follow any flow that had been setup previously. The acting is fairly wooden throughout and the actors are pretty obviously phoning it in. Yet, in the classic Cinema Fromage fashion, there’s something here that made me enjoy Headhunter. I just don’t know what that something is.

There are glaring plot holes here. Holes so big that even I in my muddled half asleep state can sit up and say ‘woah’. Kicking off the flick we have a scene of a pregnant girl being beheaded with an axe. Next we jump to ten years later and she’s now a ghostly corporate headhunter. What is the connection with her murder and the world of corporate recruiting? I’m still trying to figure that out. To my best guess, it revolves around the fact that Sarah Tierney is looking for her head and the title of ‘headhunter’ just happened to fit their needs at the time. Seems to fit, let’s run with it!

There are even larger plot holes involved here but to be honest, I don’t want to spoil it for you. The final fifteen to twenty minutes of Headhunter takes such a bizarre leap that it is one that must be seen to be believed. Yes, a ghostly girl hunting for her head using a corporate recruiting office to find her victims is pretty absurd. The next plot jump here makes this oddity look like chump change.

Glaring plot issues that come across disjointed and absurd however is in essence what I honestly believe made Headhunter so enjoyable. A throwback to the classic B-Movies of the past this one tends to make so little sense it becomes fun. Instead of settling in for a long and thought provoking film that piques your curiosity and the cost of thinking energy, with this one you just get to settle in and enjoy the ride. Fairly well directed (story aside) this one is a brainless slasher (sort of) that is going to make you chuckle out loud from time to time. Mix in some entertaining gore and we’re able to appreciate it even more. Sometimes after a long day at work, I don’t really want to think during my entertainment. Sometimes I want to shut the brain off and watch a pretty girl hack shit up. Granted we don’t really get to see the pretty girl do the hacking, but we get to see the aftermath and those are both funny and gory and at times worth the laugh.

Headhunter is not a master piece by any means, nor is it a good movie. It’s an entertaining story that makes little sense. If you’re just looking for something to zone out on and get an occasional chuckle? Then you might give it a shot.

Oh, and pretty girls being violent. There’s always that!

3.5 on the what the hell did I just watch scale

2.5 on the real movie scale

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